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Wherever  and  whatever  your event may be, we are  here to make  your occasion a time to  remember.

We are ready to help your special day be perfect.

Catering  for  Parties,  Weddings,  Social  and Corporate Events.                


A Whole pig is slowly roasted on a turning spit throughout the cooking process. With the lingering aroma of the roasting pork it will impress your guests at your event.  When  carved into generous slices and embraced by a soft bread roll it will satisfy every tastebud and melt in your mouth when served.  

Whole Pigs, Chicken and Turkey can be freshly roasted at your event. The  high quality Cinders Rotisseries will show the full view of the delicious Hog Roast through glass panels.
Our supply of meat comes fresh  from local butchers and fresh  bread rolls from local bakery. All meats are complimented with traditional sauces and stuffing.

For  Parties and Wedding celebrations we are able to cater from a simple ...
Hog Roast with Stuffing, Apple Sauce  and Side Salad,  to a
Three Course Meal ...
Starter, Hog Roast Dinner and Dessert. 

We also Cater for different outside events throughout the year. 

Some of these include, 

Antiques Fairs, Steam Fairs, Hot Rod Events, Folk Festivals, 

Miscleanous Bikers Events, 4x4 Events, Dog Agility Events, and Festive Season Events.

If you would like us to Cater for your Event, enquire now on our

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We  can provide a Marquee and Bar for your Event.
   Marquee    60 foot x 40 foot  or   40 foot x 40 foot

          Please  Contact us for 
        quotes  and  information.